Unstoppable Blessings

It is the first worship service @theWell. We have no idea who will show up. And you show up! And you are here today.

Pastor Tan lifted up our hearts in worship to God our Father, and I shared God’s Word with you on the theme “Unstoppable.” We have now worshipped together for 104 Sundays. And these two years have been a season of unstoppable blessings from God.

I am not suggesting the past two years were trouble free. Even now, some of us struggle with personal difficulties. But God has been good to us despite our challenges. We rejoice with the Psalmist,

Though a thousand fall at your side,
though ten thousand are dying around you,
these evils will not touch you. (Psalm 91:7)

Our sick have recovered. Our wounded are mended. Our families live securely. Our children are growing up well. Our parents are aging gracefully. Our community is growing. We are growing personally.

When we do wrong or sin, we humble ourselves and return to our loving Father and He continues His blessings. Conversely, if we live in bitterness or anger, God’s blessings will stop.

If I had cherished sin in my heart,
the Lord would not have listened (Psalm 66:18)

The evil one is at war against us. He brings pain and suffering to snare us. He entices us with sinful indulgences. And sadly, he sometimes succeeds, and he trips us up. We don’t pretend we do not sin. We confess and set things right, and God has not withheld His blessings.

We will not pretend we do not have burdens. By and large, I notice our burdens concern people we love. When it comes to the actual members of our community, we are remarkably blessed. I believe this is not because we are better than others, rather, it is because we are a fledgling community and God grants us special grace. In my many years of ministry, I cannot recall a community as blessed as this.

That is to say, because you are in this ministry that requires special care, you have also become a beneficiary of God’s special care. At least, that is why I believe I have seen such goodness from God. Blessings come not because I am good, but because He is good, this community needs it, and as a member of this community, I share in what God bestows on this community.

My sharing with you two years ago was the Unstoppable Kingdom of God. Not only is God’s Kingdom unstoppable in its growth, God pours out His unstoppable blessings when we engage in kingdom work.

I was hoping that we might have something definitive to share with you about the missional move we were praying about. God in His infinite wisdom appears not to have opened the way for us. And that is fine. As Pastor Tan and I shared with you all, every direction is from the Lord, and every direction is a blessing. He sees pitfalls we do not see and He sees opportunities we do not see. His timing is not only the best timing, it is the only timing we should go with. For now, it looks like we will continue to enjoy the blessing of worshiping in this comfortable place. All praise to God!

At the same time, we look to the Lord to guide us into another kingdom opportunity, another opportunity to make disciples. He knows the best for us, all we have to do is to be sensitive to His leading. Every closed door is a blessing no less than every open door.

I am very thankful to God for our exploration of a missional move because it makes us articulate our mission more clearly: (1) We are willing to explore a move or an outreach, whichever is more viable. (2) We do not reject, but we avoid capital acquisitions so our resources can be more focused on people. (3) If the Lord opens the door for us to have a ministry without having to pay for the place, it would be ideal. (4) God willing, we can find an ideal ministry partner who takes care of the business and the premises and our pastoral staff engage in the core spiritual work.

It is a great blessing to have this focus!

We have every reason to hope for God’s unstoppable blessings in the months ahead because we want to put ourselves always in that need. We want to be poor in spirit that we may be blessed. And every blessing turn back to praise the Lord our God.

Pastor Peter Eng

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