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“Social justice” has to do with the interactions between individuals and the society. It talks about woman’s rights, minority rights, the income gap, racial bias, handicap access, care for the impoverish, etc.

All these concerns are first found in the Old Testament as God’s concern for the poor and disenfranchised. These concerns, however, have been commandeered by the political left. Social justice advocates many good things, but it is deeply flawed by socialism, humanism, and liberalism.

One example of injustice in a society would be the presence of social tiers. For instance, a society can have an elite class that gets opportunities not available to others. Politicians like to boast, “We are a meritocratic society.” But in reality, there may be meritocracy only within predetermined tiers. For example it is well-known that you need to have connections (guanxi) in China to go anywhere. If you do not have the right connections, your abilities will help you flourish only within your own circle. Competition or meritocracy happens only within predefined circles. America is typically the place where one has unlimited opportunities, but some are saying it is fast becoming a tiered society. Recently a Singapore politician announced that we ought to have our own brand of meritocracy. I am not sure if the proposed solutions are adequate, but it is at least heartening to know that there is an acknowledgment that Singapore faces this problem.

When we see a tiered society, we must know there is a systemic flaw somewhere. Social justice presents a view and proposes a solution. Some Christians ignore these social issues, others participate under the social justice rubric even though perverted elements are sheltered in the tent of social justice. The Bible presents us a better model than the social justice practiced today. There is the OT depiction of social justice and the NT depiction of “kingdom righteousness.” Jesus said, “Seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness and all these will be yours as well.”

In the coming weeks, Pastor Peter will explore with us some of these social-faith issues from the biblical point of view. Let us explore what a Bible based society might look like.

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