Petition & Intercession

Prayer is talking to God — Yes. There is a prayer that is easy going.  It is a conservation, a banter, a chat in good times when we feel no weight or pressure.  It is when we see the majestic mountains, the vast oceans and thank God for his creation.  It is when we learn about the amazing complexity of even a single cell and marvel at his creative goodness.

Then, there is the prayer of desperation when we set aside time to pray to God about our sick child, our own failing health, our financial crisis, some extreme danger we are about to face.  That type of prayer takes spiritual energy.

Let me make an observation here.  Desperation is not prayer, desperation is not faith.  Desperation is no more than desperation.  Prayer is TIME and energy set aside EXCLUSIVELY to seek God. It is making and keeping an appointment with God to talk to him about your problem.  The problem drives you to your knees and turns your face Godward.

Many of us have experienced such committed prayer.  But not many have transposed a similar level of passion of energy when we pray for others.  In most instances, our love is too shallow and too narrow to pray for another person the same way we pray for yourself.

True intercession is the fervent prayer for another individual.  This is why intercession is serious business.  It is emotionally draining, and it takes spiritual energy.  “The earnest prayer of a righteous person has great power and produces wonderful results.” James 5:16b NLT).

Our passion, our commitment, our expression that we really want this thing, matters with God.  It is like Jacob wrestling for God’s blessings. So better a few intercessory items that engage your entire being that endless lists of items said with no passion.

As a community of people, God has called us to the MINISTRY of intercession.  It is a ministry, it produces spiritual results by trusting in God.  It is not a mere listing of items. 

Let us engage fully in a prayer ministry that is biblical, authentic, relevant and effective.

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