Devastating Loss

Singapore (5.30am 19/9/2014) | USA Eastern Time (5.30pm 9/18/2014).

This is devastating loss. I’ve never had much confidence in the American justice system, and today, I see another example of injustice.

My friend Drew was found guilty of all 11 counts the government brought against him. This is gross injustice. Today, evil prevails and my heart grieves.

Lord, you allow this evil to prevail. It is hard for me to accept. I know that in this spiritual war, you have already won the victory through the resurrection of Jesus Christ your Son.  And one day, you will wipe all tears from our eyes. But today, your children, Drew and his family weep. I weep.

O Lord Jesus! How long? How long will you allow injustice to prevail? Let your kingdom come! Let justice be done on earth. Let the laws of man be put to shame. Lord let your righteousness shine from day to day. This is a dark day for Drew as he becomes the victim of malicious prosecution.

Lord you know the pain of injustice. You were led like a lamb to the slaughter. You were despised and rejected by men.

In times like this, I understand better why your children of old looked forward to the Day of Judgment, the day when the wicked will be judged.

Lord, I know from time to time, you allow evil to triumph. Such evil are happening in Syria and Iraq to your children. Your children have faced the cold, hunger, pain, and the sword.I had only faced injustice at a much lower level and it had caused me much hurt. But these your children are suffering so greatly. And today, Drew, your child suffers greatly.

Lord, so many preachers serve up a costless, painless faith in you, and simply abandon those who are in pain because it is not what they want to believe can happen to your children. At the same time Lord, what comfort can I find or give to this pain of injustice?

Justice is what those in power say it is! Lord, come in your power and administer your justice in this world! Deliver Lord! Save Lord! Your kingdom come!

Our peace is so fragile – at one level. In a moment, a good man has been found guilty of crime. Like Jesus, who are charged with perverted charges: attempting to destroy the temple; overthrow of political powers; etc. There is a verbal connection to the charges, but no truth to them. Yet, Jesus was crucified. On that dark day, the world condemned him who knew no sin.

As Jesus went to the cross, he was at peace. He set the example of being a victim of injustice. It is a peace that surpasses all understanding. It is not a fragile peace.

Why is my heart so proud that I need to see these evils to understand my need to depend on you Lord!

Almighty God, Father of light in whom there is no shifting shadow, shine your light on Drew. As I lay myself down to take away this weight, give your servant a measure of peace. Amen.

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