Sermons – Peter Quek

Your Kingdom Come, Your Will Be Done


Bible References:


1. Are you experiencing the Kingdom’s presence and power in all dimensions of your life?

2. Do you desire the Father’s will to be done on earth as in heaven?



Light Shines Through Broken Lives


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Faith Reimagined


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Bible References:


1. Share an incident when your faith was called into question. How did it make you feel?

2. Do you sometimes sense that your faith is like a balloon that inflates and deflates? What stimulates your faith? Conversely, what causes your faith to fail?

3. What is the difference between having faith and believing in God?

4. “Faith does not rely on the certainty of our theology but on the trustworthiness of God.” Do you sense a need for certainty more than a desire for clarity regarding the trustworthiness of God?

5. Reflect on how faith with imagination might lead you into a deeper awareness of God and His purpose for your life.