About Us


Our Organization

The Registry of Society approved us as a society on 26 March 2014, and placed us in the government gazette on 3 April 2014. Our UEN is: T14SS0048H.  We started our Sunday worship service on the first Sunday on July in the same year.

Executive Committee

The management of the affairs @ TheWell is done by a Executive Committee elected every two years. The current office bearers are: Rev. Peter Eng, Rev. Tan Choon Seng, Doris Tan, Peter Chua, Lee Kuan Kien, Harry Chia and Michael Toh.

Our Purpose

To live out the Great Command and the Great Commission.

Our Vision

To live-out and proclaim the Good News of God’s Kingdom in Singapore and beyond.

Our Core Values

Biblical – Authentic – Relevant – Effective

Our Lead Pastor: Rev. Peter Eng

He left for America in 2002 and returned to serve in Singapore after a hiatus of about 10 years. He teaches from a biblical and global perspective, but applies truth to the local context. He provides discipleship that is an authentic life-on-life mentoring for the community @ TheWell.

Rev Eng is an ordained minister from the Reformed Tradition (the Bible-Presbyterian Church in Singapore). He served the Lord in various capacities starting from his teenage years in the 70s. His undergrad studies were done in Singapore, his grad studies in the USA, and post-grad studies in the UK, with additional post-grad research in Germany. Some of the people who contributed to his development are: the late Rev (Dr) Timothy Tow; Rev (Dr) Quek Swee Hwa; Dr John Sproule; Dr David Turner; and Dr Howard Marshall. He attributes his development to these men among others, and insists his short-comings as his own.

On the personal side, he is married to Lily and they have three children and a dog.